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Four Tips for Saving Money in the Summer (and a Pandemic)

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Kids are out of school and the beach beckons…who wants to work when there’s so many other fun things to do! With a few adjustments, you can save enough money to justify taking some time off to enjoy the beautiful weather.

This year, saving money is even more crucial, since many people have already been working less, or been out of work, due to the pandemic. Now that places are finally starting to reopen the temptation to get out and have some fun is strong. The summer hasn’t even really begun yet though!

Tip #1: Keep Your Groceries Simple

Resist the urge to try new or complex recipes during the summer. Save that for the winter when you’re cooped up inside anyway! Instead, try to make simpler meals. This will help to reduce your food budget because you’ll be purchasing fewer ingredients per meal.

Another benefit to cooking simpler meals is that you’ll be using fewer appliances, and therefore less electricity. Try to avoid the using the oven in particular, to reduce electricity and reduce cooling costs since it won’t be heating up the house. Fortunately, the nice weather is perfect for grilling! Grills aren’t just for steaks and burgers, so get creative! Try grilling your fresh vegetables, and even homemade pizzas!

Tip #2: Cut Back (Or Put a Freeze on) Discretionary Spending

This is one tip that might actually be easier to accomplish due to the pandemic. We’re already used to not going to the movie theaters, museum or the mall. So why start now? It’s the summer! There are so many activities you can do in the summer that are free or very inexpensive – and most of them are outside, making it easier to continue practicing social distancing.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead and Pack Your Food

Tip #3 complements the first two perfectly. Instead of just jumping in the car and heading to the beach or the park, take a little extra time to pack a cooler. It may seem like a small thing to buy a bottle of water, or a sandwich, but those dollars really add up over 3 months! Pack plenty of water and drinks, as well as some cool treats like fresh fruit and pasta salad. Sandwiches are a great picnic food too. Instead of making them ahead of time, gather the ingredients - whether it’s cold cuts, chicken salad or veggie - and put those in your cooler. Keep the bread or rolls in a separate bag with your potato chips or granola bars. Grabbing a bite at the snack shack is a lot less tempting when you’re not faced with a damp, soggy sandwich!

Tip #4: Shop Around for Cell Phone Service and Car Insurance

If you’re still out of work, or you usually stay home with the kids in the summer, it’s a good idea to look at your cell phone plan. Maybe you don’t need as much data since you’ll be home more and connected to wifi. We also recommend reviewing your car insurance every year. Rates change constantly, so even if you were getting the lowest rates last year, you may not be anymore. There may be ways to get creative in the summer too. If you or your spouse are home more, you may be able to adjust your coverage to just what you need. You’ll also want to make sure you’re bundling your insurance, especially if you have any fun summer “toys” like a boat, motorcycle or RV.

We’re all looking forward to the freedom of summer and a reduction in pandemic quarantine levels. With these tips you can save enough to get out and have some fun, without feeling guilty. Before you go, definitely give as a call for Tip #4 at (860) 785-4854. We’ll get you sorted out with plenty of time to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Stay safe out there!


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