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Disability Insurance


Do you have 6 months or a years worth of income put aside in the case of accident or illness? Most people don't. And unfortunately, Connecticut doesn't have a mandated program covering off-the-job losses (this includes during maternity leave for women). That's why there's private disability insurance, which will pay a portion of your income if you cannot work due to an illness or injury. Don't wait to get a quote though - you must have a policy before getting sick, hurt or pregnant.

Massachusetts, on the other hand, is in the process of implementing their Paid Family and Medical Leave, which will begin in 2021 (See FAQs below).


We're here for you!

Let us impartially shop multiple top rated insurance companies, search out your best options and create a customized quote that's just right for you. We'll also explain your coverage options, so there won't be any unpleasant surprises later.

Who should consider disability insurance?

If you're an active adult hit with medical expenses from a sports injury or other accident, it can be a blow to your financial stability.

If you're a woman living in CT, considering having a baby, and your company doesn't offer paid maternity leave, you'll need short term disability insurance before you become pregnant.

If your income is essential to your family's stability, or if you are the sole income for your household, short term disability could be life-saving as it will pay a portion of your income if you are injured or ill.

If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, this coverage may help pay your deductibles in the case of an accidental injury or disability.

Once you're covered, we make managing your insurance simple, because we'll be your direct contact for all your future needs, such as making a change to your coverage, getting more information, or filing a claim.

Click here for a helpful Disability Insurance (or Income Protection Insurance) Calculator.

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