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Umbrella Insurance


Umbrella insurance can help protect your future and the things you've worked hard for. It provides extra liability coverage that goes beyond your home, auto or boat insurance policies and acts as a fail-safe for your savings and other assets should you face a lawsuit. Umbrella insurance may also provide coverage that's not included in your standard insurance policy.


You should talk to us about umbrella insurance if you own property or things that may cause injury to others, such as pools, trampolines or dogs, or engage in activities that increase your chances of a lawsuit.​


Put us to work for you!

Let us impartially shop multiple top rated insurance companies, search out your best rates and create a customized quote that's just right for you. We'll also explain your coverage options, so there won't be any unpleasant surprises later.

Pick up where your other insurance leaves off

An umbrella policy will help protect your assets and your wages, and help pay the remainder of a claim that exceeds your home, auto, or other insurance policy limits

When would I be protected?

If your dog bites the mail carrier, or your child's friend is seriously injured in your pool or on your trampoline, your homeowners may not be enough to cover it.

If you cause an accident where others are seriously injured, the medical costs may exceed the policy limits of your auto insurance.

If a child on the team you coach is seriously injured at practice and you get sued, an umbrella policy would protect your financial future.

These are some examples, but there are many other instances where umbrella insurance could protect you.

Once you're covered, we make managing your insurance simple, because we'll be your direct contact for all your future needs, such as making a change to your coverage, getting more information, or filing a claim.

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