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Health Insurance


Life can be unexpected, which is why everyone is required to have health insurance to cover the cost of your medical and surgical expenses. Health insurance can be tricky though, and the level of treatment covered and amount if out-of-pocket expenses you'd be responsible for varies significantly depending on what type of health insurance a person has.


Don't worry. We'll guide you through the process of finding the best insurance for your needs.

When can you enroll in health insurance?

You can purchase comprehensive health coverage if... is open enrollment

Open enrollment is Nov 1st through December 15th.


*Fixed health and short-term plans are available anytime. have a life event

A life event could be loss of coverage, changes in the household (a death, marriage or birth), moving to a new state or country, changes in your income that affect the coverage you're qualified for, becoming a U.S. Citizen, or leaving the military.

Types of insurance available

Comprehensive health insurance keeps you healthy everyday while protecting you during significant illness or injury, but it varies greatly in cost and coverage.

Dental is not typically included in your comprehensive health insurance and the costs of filings, cleanings and more can really add up.

Vision insurance can help you pay for eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses, and more.

Once you're covered, we make managing your insurance simple, because we'll be your direct contact for all your future needs, such as making a change to your coverage, getting more information, or filing a claim.

Our carriers

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